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Hey who turned up the frequency!

Some of you might be feeling anxious or irritable at the moment as we experience some unusual planetary shifts going on. Trust me, now is definitely the time to pick up your meditation practice, yoga, mindful focus, dancing, immersion in nature, or other embodied activity and connect in to the energy. If you’re not doing this then it’s too easy to fall into the trap of feeling separate from whats going on energetically leading to disconnection and bewilderment of how quickly things are changing.

Staying in the flow is as simple as breathing with gentle awareness into the love that is already inside your heart and then turning up the volume with joy-inducing thoughts to expand this feeling – back and forth, breath and feeling creating a unified field of energy that will cradle you and be your supportive inner guidance system.

“In-Lakesh” we are one

A Running Start


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indian manI used to be really self critical about how open I am, how present I am, how enlightened etc…..nowadays I am much kinder to myself and those same perceived flaws, in fact I dont see them as flaws anymore, are signposts to new understandings and acceptances of myself and life – what a relief to no longer carry that burden of having to be be “spiritually correct”

“When we feel stuck, going nowhere — even starting to slip backward — we may actually be backing up to get a running start.”

 -Dan Millman
Some of the harshest self critics of all are those walking a conscious path. It`s good to regularly remind yourself that in This Moment you`re exactly where you`re meant to be, yes Here, not There, time to cut ourselves some slack – we`ve all done the work and read the rights books – time to allow integration to happen in its own divine timing with compassion for ourselves and respect for our own unique journey.

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man“I did not know then, I was on a search for passionate aliveness. I only knew I was lonely & lost & that something was drawing me deeper beneath the surface of my life in search of meaning. There is a hunger in people to go to those deep depths…. To know that our lives are sacred; that our hearts are truly capable of love. It is a yearning to be all the we can be. A longing for what is real…”

-Anne Hillman

why does it so often take an illness or tragedy to wake us up from our deep slumber? Sometimes you`ve just gotta literally stop what you`re doing, grab the nearest flower and inhale deeply! This isnt the test run for Life, this is IT and I guarantee that if you realized that your tomorrows are limited, your todays would be spent with greater presence and appreciation of the simple things that are potential joy-inducers and already here in your life.

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297220_268331036526241_249492615076750_1092076_7551951_nMama Gena`s School Of The Womanly Arts:
“Welcome to the Pleasure Revolution!”
The Pleasure Revolution is a complete redux of the paradigm called woman.
Women were never taught to guarantee their joy. They were taught to guarantee the joy of others, take care of others and then, whatever crumbs were left from that were theirs.
But when a woman reverses the order and really pays attention to her pleasure, making sure that each choice feels absolutely right to her and absolutely gratifying to her, she’s going to make choices that enhance her life and enhance the lives of others.
Pleasure was not something we had the luxury to explore in the 20th century. We were simply shooting for equality back then. But equality is inadequate to the heart, soul, passion, fire, potential and flat-out incandescent privilege of being a woman. It is the privilege and pleasure of being a woman that is the new cutting edge in the 21st century. It is something the world is very hungry for. The absence of pleasure has created an enormous amount of suffering. There is currently an international epidemic of self-doubt, self-deprecation and self-hatred among women. A woman is a terrible thing to waste on fear, self-loathing and self-hatred. The Pleasure Revolution allows a woman to celebrate every side of herself — from her darkness to her light. Self-acceptance is not enough. Self-celebration is the new minimum daily requirement to live an impassioned, empowered, extraordinary life.
Every woman is a phenomenon. It is fantastic to have that much power at your fingertips—a great privilege and a great responsibility. Women have not been conscious of the opportunity and the fun that exists just by virtue of being born women. It is an idea whose time has come.
In our culture we are taught that pleasure is frivolous, dangerous, and unproductive. There are so many negative viewpoints surrounding pleasure, but pleasure is of the utmost importance, because it is the connective tissue between a human being and her own life force.
In the beginning, I was as suspicious of pleasure as everyone in our culture is. In fact, I was an unwilling student. It was simply because I, like so many women in this culture, felt depressed, alienated, and disconnected from my own womanhood. Pleasure was the elusive missing bulb in the string of Christmas lights that ignited everything for me.
I had access to parts of my own confidence and enthusiasm and voice that I’d never had prior to the study of pleasure; and what I found more astonishing and more surprising was that with the inclusion of pleasure in my life, the desires that I had had for many, many years began to manifest much more quickly.
It happens that way, not only for me, but also for every woman who takes up the mantle of a Pleasure Revolutionary. Pleasure adds jet fuel propulsion to whatever it is that a woman wants. The most extraordinary and incredible things happen.
Women are able to create the relationships they want, revive marriages that were seemingly doomed, and redefine and recreate relationships with their children so that they aren’t drained but are actually engaged, and their relationships are filled with joy and generate enthusiasm from both ends. There are huge strides in a woman’s abilities to ask for generous monetary compensation from the jobs they are in, or start the new careers they have been longing for.
It is astonishing to me every time I have a class session to see what the consequences are for a woman when she begins to value pleasure.
We were always taught, “Don’t be playful because you have to work now,” but it turns out that playful is the key to really operating at your top form and having everybody operate at theirs. Who knew?
It is so easy to live a miserable life, and it takes great skill to live a pleasured life. You have to be so disciplined. Pleasure is not for sissies. It is for the courageous. You have to have a lot of guts to insist on your pleasure. Most people are not encouraged to be the source of their own fulfillment and their own joy. They are encouraged to be victimized by the culture, or the circumstances, or being a woman, or their upbringing. Pleasure forces you to take responsibility to really get yours. It is the new bandwidth that is required to create a life of extraordinary value and meaning, which more and more women are beginning to tune into. That’s why we call it the Pleasure Revolution.
With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena.

The Clown Chakra


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The Clown Chakra

The Clown scientists have found that all our problems can be placed
under one heading: Seriousness. Seriousness is the leading cause of
everything from Cancer to Reincarnation. Scientists from the Clown Academy
have already discovered a new source of healing. It is a psychic energy
point located between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is
called the clown chakra.

If people are feeling miserable; if they have financial problems; if
their relationship situation is the pits; if they are in ill health; if
they have a need to sue people; if they find fault with their brother;
then obviously their clown chakra is closed. When this happens, the
scientists have observed under a high-powered microscope that the cells of
every organ display a sad face; and when the clown chakra is open and
functioning normally, the cells display a happy face.

The scientists realised that if a person is ill, it is because his
mind has projected guilt onto the cells of his body and has forced out the
love that is normally found within each cell of the body. The cells are
therefore saying, “I Lack Love”, or ILL for short.

When the clown chakra is opened and working (or rather, playing)
properly, the psychic mechanism sucks up misery, pain, anger, resentment,
grievances, unhappiness and so on, and converts the energy into tiny red
heart-shaped balloons.

The red heart balloons contain God’s Love and Joy. These balloons are
directed to the “dis-eased” cell or situation, and a happy face appears
instantly. When the light enters the darkness, the darkness is gone.

Sometimes these red heart balloons are called endorphins, due to the
fact that when anyone experiences them the feeling of separation ends –
they experience being ‘back home’ and hence are no longer an orphan.
This is the well known “end orphan” (endorphin) effect.

So if you think someone is attacking you, Clown Scientists recommend
that you visualise sending that person red heart shaped balloons filled
with Love and Joy.

Remember to keep your clown chakra open and remember to laugh –
seriousness causes reincarnation.

Note: Author unknown

Keeping it simple!


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lomi ad


“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.”

-Eleonora Duse

It`s the simple things in life that serve as a healing balm for the soul when things aren`t going to plan or when we hit a brick wall. There`s a point where the thinking and plotting and planning starts to go around in circles…time to take a break and come back to the place of stillness that is forever within. Sometimes this inner peace gets forgotten about – covered over by layers of stress and striving – forgotten but still there waiting to be reawakened. Sometimes all it takes is some mindful breathing…Inbreath; breathing in love/Outbreath; breathing out gratitude, or receiving a Lomi Lomi massage, or simply being somewhere in nature in a forest or on a park bench…doesnt matter how you get there as long as you take the time out to simply BE!


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