lomi profileAloha and thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Natalie Swedosh and I am a certified Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist residing in Melbourne Australia.  I have worked with people from all over the world, introducing them to the loving and profoundly nurturing touch of Lomi Lomi.  This traditional Hawaiian bodywork consists of a series of continuous flowing strokes that are gentle yet deeply penetrating and will carry you to a beautiful tranquil place within.


To book a session with Natalie please call 0449283160 or contact me via email


Many people experience the feeling of “being put back together again” after receiving Lomi Lomi.  This is generally accompanied by a blissful state of physical and emotional relaxation. Lomi Lomi is suitable for men and women of all ages as well as children.


A true healing journey..

“Natalie is an absolute treasure, I walk into her healing space and instantaneously feel all the cares of the day drift away with her welcoming smile and bright presence. Her Lomi Lomi massage is blissful and makes me feel held and supported. I leave feeling lighter, brighter and balanced. Natalie`s treatments are a real gift and I highly recommend them to all.”

-Honor Saunders

“I have received numerous Lomi Lomi sessions with Natalie and find her work to be extremely nourishing and refreshing. She is able to relieve physical and emotional stress in a very loving and nurturing way. My confidence and energy have been restored as a result of Natalie`s work with me and I have referred many friends and relatives to her who would all agree with these positive views.”

-Chris Cooper

“Thank-you Natalie, for being the engine room of my change!Recommended for anyone looking for a powerful and positive healing and massage experience, the effects of which last many days after they finish. Your Lomi and your words are indispensible. Bless…:)”

-Paul Derons


To book a session please feel free to contact me. Call 0449283160